About us

www.scholarshipinindia.org  is a not for profit organization established in the year of 2016. This is an initiative of GEE Bangladesh. As part of our commitment to encourage education, we aim to assist international scholars to find scholarship opportunities in India for further and higher education in association with Indian Higher Education Institutions.

Scholars across the globe may find the page helpful to avail partial or full funded scholarship opportunities in India.  In the non-developed and developing countries, every year many scholars deprive of higher education due to financial inabilities.

Scholarshipinindia.org will extend all out support to the deprived scholars across the globe within our limitation. We believe that our initiative will be helpful to reduce drop out access of higher education as well.

All Institutions

Sharda University
SRM University
Chandigarh University
Mody University
Nette Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore
Space five for rent
Space four for rent
Space three for sale
Space two for sale
Space one for sale
GIET, Andhra Pradesh
NSHM Kolkata India
Quantum Global Campus India
Acharya Institutes